Stafford’s 40th Birthday at Blackhawk Auto Museum

A couple years back, we played a party for our buddy Geoff Stafford’s father’s 70th birthday. This time, we had the opportunity to be a part of Geoff and his wife Kermie’s 40th! The party was held at the swanky Blackhawk Auto Museum on July 18, 2015.  It was hard to believe that the museum would allow a bunch of drinking, dancing revelers in the room with so many priceless vintage cars! It was a beautiful venue with a nice stage, and fantastic lighting.

It was nice to see Geoff’s parents out there dancing too 🙂   Thanks Geoff and Kermie for including us in the celebration, and for the whistlepig.

Stafford party sound checkThe Drop Daddies at the Blackhawk Auto MuseumThe Drop Daddies at the Blackhawk Auto MuseumThe view from the stage at the Blackhawk Auto MuseumCrazy nice cars at the Blackhawk Auto Museum