Greenbrook Booze Cruise

The Drop Daddies were invited to play at an event to benefit Greenbrook School in Danville.   This was an auction buy-in party, and the theme for the evening was Cruise- as in Booze Cruise!   We were provided with Hawaiian shirts- we cracked up to see they were Adam Levine brand (but Gary still vetoed playing Maroon 5 Daylight).

This party was a blast.  When elementary school parents cut loose after hours, they really cut loose!  We rocked out for nearly two hours- but had to stop at 10 to avoid a Danville police intervention.

We were set up on the edge of a large patio, next to a trampoline.  During American Girl, a number of the ladies climbed up onto the trampoline and were jumping like crazy.  You can just make them out in the dark background of this video.

Xeno brought his tie die backdrop and an old lighting stand.  That thing miraculously elevates to like 20 feet high and we attached a bunch of lights to it for an amusingly psychadelic vibe.



Hawaiian shirts provided for the band!Setting up for the Greenbrook Booze CruiseSetting up for the Greenbrook Booze CruiseDrop Daddies Greenbrook Booze CruiseOur gracious hostess Theresa with Gary

Drop Daddies at the Booze Cruise photo booth