Greenbrook Booze Cruise 2015

Last year’s Greenbrook Booze Cruise was an absolute blast, so we were psyched to be invited back to play this year’s party. It was an 80’s Fiesta theme with plenty of big hats and maracas to go around. They gave us matching piñata t-shirts “I’d Hit That”.

Half way through the set, we were busted up by a couple of costumed whistle-blowing Federales – who gave an amusingly incomprehensible speech on the mic, and then poured tequila shots for everyone.

After the gig, John congratulated the party host Teresa’s amazing air-guitar skills by putting a real guitar in her hands.  Her first time with a real guitar and she was a natural!


Setting up at Greenbrook Booze Cruise 2015View from the stage at Greenbrook Booze Cruise 2015John and TeresaThe Drop Daddies and Teresa