Drop Daddies Halloween at Rancho Maiorano

It’s the one time of the year we get to bust out Monster Mash- and it’s always a blast.

This was our second time playing the Maiorana’s Halloween bash.  Last year, the theme was Dead Celebrities– this year, it was Good and Evil.

John was Ozzy, Gary was the Big Bad Wolf, Ian was an axe-wielding Abe Lincoln,  Ryan was the Chimney Sweep, Jeff was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and Xeno was a skeletal ghost.

Rain was forecast, so instead of playing out on the patio, we set up in the enormous haunted garage. This turned out to be a great decision, both because we avoided getting caught in the torrential downpour, and because we got to play way past Danville’s 10pm noise ordinance with not a single intervention from the Danville police!

The crowd was a rowdy bunch of murderers, ghosts, felons, and a surprising number of Little Red Riding Hoods.

Thanks to the Maiorano’s for hosting another great party!


Sound Check Ghost kick John is Ozzy Tina an Ryan Lisa and Gary John, Ian and Xeno Hot, Creepy, Bite Me Xeno and Jeff Jeff is TNMT Ian is Abe Ian is Abe Ian as Abe Gary is the Big Bad Wolf Xeno Xeno Ian and John John, Gary and Ian John Jeff, Xeno, and Ryan Ryan is the Chimney Sweep Haunted Stage Little Red Riding Hoods The Crazy Crowd The Crazy Crowd View from the Stage