70’s Halloween Party at Studio 541

Monster Mash, anyone?  The theme for this year’s Halloween party at the Maiorana’s was 70’s.  Bust out the fros, disco shirts, and polyester leisure suits!

Unusual twist this year– just as we arrived to set up, a power line across the street literally exploded in a flash of light and noise (looked like a greenish lightning strike! ) So we were anxiously awaiting PG&E to restore the power- and they never did.  We were fortunate that one of the Maioranas’ neighbors is a prepper- and brought over their generator to power the band for the evening.  The rest of the neighborhood had no power- but we were rocking the block.

Another amusing highlight, John and Gary singing Harry Belafonte’s “Jump In The Line” (extra credit for the Halloween connection – it was in the movie Beetlejuice)

Thanks again to our hosts Frank and Leticia at Studio 541 for an always off-the-hook Halloween party!



Setting up in "Studio 541"PG&E arriving on sceneView from the stageJohn and DB- matching shirts!Jen and LisaJen and GaryGaryRyanXenoIanJohnJeffThe generator that saved the gig