INC82 Halloween Party

It was a monster mash- a graveyard bash… The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds- Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds. The coffin-bangers were about to arrive with their vocal group,  – the Drop Daddies!

On October 28, we played a raucous Halloween party at INC82 Brewing in Dublin. And yes, we played the Monster Mash 🙂

Gary was Elvis, John was Captain Picard, Ian was Ceasar, and Ryan, Jeff and Xeno were NFL refs. We played past midnight with an amazing crowd of costumed revelers. Our buddy Dennis came up to sing Livin After Midnight, and rocked it as usual.

The beer was flowing, the lights were spinning. And the smoke alarm was inexplicably going off for the entire last set. We were on fire!

2017 10 29 20 14 18 Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82

INC82 Drop Daddies on the Board Ryan and Ian Set Up the Kit INC82 Owner John Installing Disco Lights  Ryan Gary and Jeff John and Xeno Ian as Caesar Dennis Singing Living After Midnight Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82  Drop Daddies at INC82 Drop Daddies at INC82 Costumed Revelers Costumed Revelers with the Band