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Norm’s St. Patricks Day 2014

Norm's St Patricks Day 2014Hard to believe it was just a year ago that we played our first ever gig as the Drop Daddies at Norm’s grill in Danville.   It was great to be invited back to play at this year’s St. Patricks Day celebration, 2014.  

Norm's St Patricks Day 2014 The weather was glorious, the green beer was flowing, there was piles of corned beef and cabbage.   Many friends and new faces came out to enjoy the food, music, bounce houses, and good vibes.  Unfortunately, Xeno couldn’t join us, as he was on special assignment in Aspen.

Drop Daddies at Norm's St Patricks Day 2014A few amusing highlights- we ran all our electrical through a single extension cord into the neighboring bike shop.  Thank goodness a bike tech didn’t accidentally pull the plug!  In the midst of singing “Oh Donna”, Gary called out “hey there’s Donna right there!” as  his friend Donna walked on by.   Thankfully, Coach kept the ice cold  green bullets flowing to the stage.

Ian's KickIan found a green Coors Light shamrock and taped it onto his bass drum-  it was so perfect that he plans to keep it there indefinitely.  John’s epic talk-box solo in Beverly Hills was one to remember- usually the talk box is such a let down – never loud enough- but this time it roared.

After John dedicated Melt With You to his friends Andy and Shelly (it’s her favorite song), they came out to dance; and then we somehow completely spaced on the arrangement in the second half, and the song became what we later described as the UK extended remix. 

The crowd at Norms St Patrick's Day 2014A much more dramatic moment- in the middle of Come On, Let’s Go, a rather explosive grease fire kicked up on one of the main grills across from us.  We finished out the song, observing the flames getting scary high.  John asked “um, is everything alright?  No need to evacuate?”  Too bad we didn’t have Disco Inferno ready to go.  Once they assured us they had it under control, we busted out Johnny B Goode which never fails to bring people to their feet.

John and Gary belting it outSome of the most enjoyable songs were our new ones- Stone Temple Pilot’s Interstate Love Song, Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive, and even Maroon 5’s Daylight went alright.    We played two sets, about 30 songs in total.   Gary said it was the most fun he’s ever had singing. 

Overall, a great day out.



Jeff and Ryan rockin itJohn, Happy to be here!Ian rockin the kit between two Vox ampsJohn and Gary belting it outDrop Daddies at Norms St Patricks Day 2014Jeff rockin itJeff and RyanRyan, the NaturalRyan and John

Coyote Creek Auction

Coyote Creek Auction Flyer

Castlewood Country ClubThe Drop Daddies rocked the Twin Creeks school auction for the last two years, but this year, we were also invited to play at the Coyote Creek Elementary School auction.  This is the school that Ian’s kids attend.

The event was held on March 7, 2014 at the Castlewood Country Club, a bThe crowd at the Coyote Creek school auctioneautiful estate high in the Pleasanton hills overlooking the valley.   We were in the main 6,000 square foot ballroom, and the place was packed!  There were about 250 guests.

It was a 20’s theme, and the ladies were dressed to the nines.  The auction was lively, with incredibly generous bids going for items like a Giants ticket package, kids’ fire truck party, Tahoe ski package, and even a Tesla VIP test drive.

We kicked off the entertainment with a contemplative Radioactive, then got the dancing started with Lonely Boy, Magic Carpet Ride and Melt With You.  We followed those up with another 20 songs, until our hard stop time of 10:55pm.    No one wanted to stop, least of all us- so we decided try out a new one- Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.  This was our first time playing it live, and it was a hit.  As we had hoped, people were singing along in the chorus, and calling out the “sweeeet caroline, bah, bah, bah” parts.

It was a great, energetic crowd, and we had a blast playing!



Drop Daddies Play at the Castlewood Country ClubJohn, Gary and XenoGood times after the show

Set up on the stage in the Castlewood BallroomCoyote Creek 2014 Auction Program

Upcoming Gig at Coyote Creek Auction

Another week, another auction!  The Drop Daddies will be playing at the Coyote Creek Elementary School auction on March 7, 2014.    Dancing starts at 9:15pm.  See you there!

Coyote Creek Auction Flier