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Celebration for Zach

The Drop Daddies Rock ItOur good friends and neighbors, the King family, were throwing a big party to celebrate their son Zach- and his three years of successful treatment for leukemia.  When they invited the Drop Daddies to play, we were honored to join them.

We were to play in a large temporary tent that had been erected behind the Kings’ house.  It had heavy plastic sheeting for walls, built-in lights and ducting for heating. Syncing up Set List MakerIt was such an amazingly warm October evening that we removed the heater ducting and pulled back the plastic walls, like stage curtains.   

This was the day after the school carnival- making for a busy weekend for the Drop Daddies.  We hadn’t really prepared a setlist, so we discussed it over dinner (catered by Dickies BBQ), and then we all walked around the corner to John’s front door to get on the wi-fi, and sync up Set List Maker on our iPads.

This party turned out to be one of the most fun, and happiest celebrations we’ve ever been a part of.  Everyone, including Zach himself, got up and danced with us, throughout the whole evening.  Tami came up and sang with us a couple times, as did her brother on Life Is A Highway!

We played Jack and Diane for the first time – Gary’s wife Lisa finally getting her wish.  It was Jeff’s first time with a mic, and he had fun belting out the chorus in  Rock and Roll All Nite.   Roy requested John play the solo section in Shook Me All Night Long again, as he had missed it the first time.    Even after 30 songs, they were asking us to play more.   

We must have been loud- friends all the way across the valley told us the next day that they had heard us!

We receiveda few iPhone videos from friends, and Xeno did some videoing on his iPad.   Not the highest quality, but here’s a short compilation: 

Warming upGary belts it outView from the floorTami and Xeno sing togetherJohn is feelin finePacked dance floorTami and JenView from the stageRyan and Gary with our host, RoyTami, Chunlinng, Jen and LisaThe after-party starts with bourbonBourbon goes down

Fall School Carnival

Drop Daddies jam with TC Tiger

Twin Creeks decided to shift the carnival back from the summer to the fall.  So soon after the Drop Daddies played at the 2012-2013 school year summer carnival, we were invited to play again at the the 2013-2014 school year fall carnival!

It was October 18, and Halloween was just around the corner, so we decided to learn Monster Mash for the occasion.  Gary’s Transylvanian accent was outstanding!

There was a hilarious moment when the new school mascot, TC Tiger, came up and played tambourine with us.  Turns out TC Tiger’s got pretty good rhythm!
The big highlight for us proud Daddies was when our kids came up to sing the second set with us.  They sang the chorus parts in Lonely Boy, Rock and Roll All Nite, and Life is a Highway, as well as all the “wa-wa-ooo’s” in Monster Mash. 

We played three short sets. 

  • Set 1
    • What I Got – Sublime
    • All the Small Things – Blink-182
    • Funk #49 – James Gang
    • Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf
    • Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield
  • Set 2 with the kids singing
    • Lonely Boy – Black Keys
    • Rock And Roll All Nite – Kiss
    • Life Is A Highway – Tom Cochrane
    • Monster Mash – Bobby Boris Pickett
    • Mony Mony – Billy Idol
  • Set 3
    • Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
    • Come On, Let’s Go – Ritchie Valens
    • Island in the Sun – Weezer
    • Upside Down – Jack Johnson
    • What I Like About You – Romantics
    • Long Train Runnin – Doobie Brothers
    • You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

Gary ran music for the freeze dance and hula contests between our sets, on the Amazing Slow Downer.  

We had a blast, and look forward to next year Smile

Ryan and TC Tiger rock outThe kids help out on Lonely BoyThe kids join us for Rock and Roll All Nite