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Meenar’s on August 20

Meenars August 20 poster

Another warm summer night at Meenar music club in Danville.

This the was the first time we played our 50’s block together- Johnny B. Goode and Come On, Let’s Go – and what an awesome response!  Everyone was up dancing- even John’s parents got out on the dance floor.  We definitely need to add more 50’s tunes to our set.

A few more highlights:    Burn Rubber by the Gap Band.  Great seeing everyone funkin’ out- and Scott Sears doing the robot!     Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion – by special request from Lynn deMoor- with John playing the talk box for the first time.   And Sublime’s What I Got- an instant favorite – though Gary had to mumble a few of the lyrics to avoid offending the seniors in the crowd Smile

Before the show, at sound-check, we tried out Kiss’ Rock and Roll All Nite, which we had never actually played all the way through before.  We destroyed it so thoroughly that our buddy John Persinger- unofficial representative of Kiss Nation- informed us that it was completely unacceptable.  Don’t worry John, we’ll get it next time!

Thanks everyone for coming out and staying up late on a Tuesday night!

Drop Daddies at Meenar's, August 20, 2013Packed house at Meenar's with the Drop DaddiesRyan lookin happyDrop Daddies at Meenar's, August 20, 2013John, eyes on Gary!Gary, feelin the moment

Upcoming Gig at Meenar’s on August 20

Meenars August 20 poster